Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Red card for English refs

Interesting call by the IRB to remove England's leading referees, Wayne Barnes and Dave Pearson, from the elite list of refs for this summer's Tests.

Given the horlicks made by the pair in the Dublin last month it's hardly that surprising. The fact that Alain Rolland remains on the list, however, is nothing but a mystery. I can only assume he has some very compromisng photographs of Paddy O'Brien.

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Bailey said...

Paddy O'Brien has left his role now. He is to be replaced by a committee of past referees apparantly.

How Steve Wals is considered one of the top referees I have no idea. During his last game when one of the players asked what they had done wrong...he just said 'go away...illegal play'. Well isn't that just great officiating?! How vague can you be!

By the way would you like to do a link swap? I have added your blog to the side bar of mine. I would be greatful if you could reciprocate. Cheers.