Thursday, 29 March 2012

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Un-bloody-believable - the RFU has only gone and made the right decision.
Yes, the world of rugby is reeling in shock at the RFU's decision to appoint Stuart Arnold Rimmer Lancaster as England's permanent Head Coach.

It was, of course, the obvious choice to make, an absolute no-brainer, the only sensible course of action to take. No one should, however, underestimate the capacity of the RFU for making an utter horlicks of all manner of things and, to give the incompetent and not-fit-for-purpose governing body its due, it did its absolute best to cock everything up.

So, despite the fact that any other decision would have been sheer lunacy, today's announcement still came as something of a shock as common sense, for once, prevailed.

Still, fair's fair - it matters not a jot how the RFU reached its decision. The fact is that it got there in the end and we have the right man in place.

Good luck to the good ship Lancaster and to all who sail with him. One thing's for sure - it won't be easy.


Gareth said...

Congratulations to him. Despite the fact that his England team gave us a hiding on St Paddy's day I like the cut of his jib.

It amazed me that during all the experience vs nationality debate that no-one (that i saw) pointed out that the only England coach to win the RWC was appointed with even less experience. SCW track record was - coaching Henley, London Irish, part time at Bath, part time Eng U21. But he has passion, vision and personality. Seems to me that SL has those too.

If he does pick Wiggy, Farrell and then gets Wayne Smith, that would be a formidable team. Part of me wants to see how they do but the big emerald green bit hopes they don't!

I wonder if Nick Mallet likes Guinness.........

miff said...

No, I am afraid that Kidney is the man for Ireland. Just ask Eddio O.
Now, what I would like to Nick Mallet at Scotland. The Irish must be very worried about Mallet getting in on the act. Scotland would eclipse Ireland in less than a heartbeat.
Good call, for a change, RFU.

Nursedude said...

The RFU did the right thing, plain and simple. Good luck to the new England Coach.