Tuesday, 3 April 2012

England = South Africa 'B'?

The prospect of England turning into a South Africa 'B' XV would, on the face of it, appear to be closer with Sarries’ Ernst Joubert declaring his availability from the end of June when he qualifies on residency grounds.

If selected, Joubert would join Messrs Botha, Barritt and Stevens in the England squad, but those Little Englanders getting a little hot under the collar at the prospect really needn’t bother.

As Joubert himself says, with the emergence of Ben Morgan at no. 8 there is nothing to suggest that he is needed in the squad. Joubert’s a fine player, but if Lancaster & Co are serious about building towards 2015, shipping in a 31 year old South African, as what can only ever be a short-term solution, is a non-starter.

Mind you, if he was an openside…

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Bailey said...

Have to say i'm not a big fan of the residency rule in terms of professional sport. Maybe it could be altered whereby it would be acceptable if the first year of residency was before the age of say 21?