Thursday, 19 April 2012


The appointment by Wales of Rob Howley as caretaker Head Coach for the forthcoming summer tour of Australia is a strange one.

Yes, Warren Gatland needs to focus on recovering from his broken heels incurred recently in New Zealand while doing a George Formby impression, but what of Shaun Edwards, widely thought of as Gatland's right hand man?

Howley, who played under Edwards for Wasps, appears now to have leapfrogged his former coach in the Wales pecking order.

I wonder if Stuart Lancaster has Shaun Edwards on speed-dial?


Phil @ Dumptackle said...

I thought this was a bit strange too.

I can only assume perhaps the WRU were worried about how the fans would take to an Englishman being in charge during the interim?

miff said...

I do not think it is strange as the Welsh are not about to let England outdo them. I will say, however, that Mr. Howley is not the right man for this job, not unlike Martin Johnson.
If Mr. Edwards is on Mr. Lancaster's radar I am emigrating. Between he and McGeechan, Wasps will be a prime takeover for a South African conglomerate.

Unknown said...

Gatland's obviously going to stick around Wales for a while. Perhaps the WRU don't see a point in moving Edwards up and then sticking someone new into Edwards' spot. Then you'd have two guys learning new roles to solve a temporary problem.

What appointing Howley does is it allows for continuity with Edwards and only Howley in a temporary position.

miff said...

True, however, I do not see Gatland as a longterm deal...Edwards is his own man and that is not so safe for Wales...Howley is all Wales and bound to stick around for a long time. I just wonder if mentally(sorry) he is up for it. He is not the brightest lightbulb in the closet. I like the man. Howley proved that Clement Poitrenaud was an idiot and France let him prove once again. The biggest problem is rugby is having creative minds around. I mean there is only so much knowledge about the game one can absorb. Further editions are just redundant IMHO! That's my rant!
I would just hate to see Howley fail in the SH an have to live through the 'if only Gatland hadn't hurt himself.'