Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Yoda to Return?

Returning to England fold?
Speculation in certain media circles suggests that Stuart Lancaster’s coaching team in South Africa this summer may include none other than former England head coach Brian Ashton.

A strange appointment on the face of it but, on closer inspection, perhaps not so silly. Ashton’s international experience and attacking nous might be a very astute addition to the England ‘brains trust’ and a dream ticket of Gordon Brittas and Yoda could be just what England needs.

Whether he would contemplate working for his former employers again, however, remains to be seen.


tinlegs said...

Hmmm! Just think about it before dismissing it out of hand but what about Andy Robinson? He'll be out of a job shortly, won't he?

miff said...

The RFU has already ripped his heart out and thrown it onto the funeral pyre amidst cheers. Robinson's rugby spirit has arisen and fled. Impossible. Ashton, somehow, survived the RFU Inquisition to live and tell a tale. Alive, available and kicking. Good choice.

Bailey said...

Good choice in my opinion. He was never given a fair crack. I have to say though...the more i see clermont play, the moreI think Vern Cotter is ready to coach at International level. He has proven himself in NZ and France now, and if the RFu could get him involved in some way... I think it would benefit England greatly.