Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Catt in the bag

Surprise, surprise, England's attempts to recruit a backs/attack coach have been utterly shambolic.

First of all Andy Farrell, having been more or less nailed-on, turned the role down (with the Daily Fail claiming Sarries were only offered £60k compensation).

Then Wayne Smith, having issued a thinly veiled “come and get me” plea, decided (after Stuart Lancaster came and got him) that he couldn't take the role for family reasons – a decision which was in no way whatsoever influenced by the subsequent outcry in the NZ media at his possible defection.

So now Mike Catt is in the bag as an interim solution and, assuming he doesn’t cock things up too badly, must have a decent stab at the permanent job – as his new boss will testify, possession is nine tenths of the law.


miff said...

I have not given up on Brian Ashton. He just didn't leave Fylde without some provocation.
Don't get chasing Kiwis and Saffas...the RFU is such a nonentity of entities.

Mike said...

Be interesting to see if how Catt goes. He seems to have a pretty blank canvas to work with as far as attack goes.