Friday, 18 May 2012

(N)ice idea

Ex-England scrum half Kyran Bracken has certainly come up with an interesting proposal.

The former Dancing on Ice champion has suggested that the RFU should buy cash-strapped Wasps and use the club as a breeding ground for young international prospects.

Bracken makes the very good point that outstanding prospects like George Ford are being held back by lack of game time at the top level. Ford, an outstanding prospect, has struggled to get a game at Leicester behind Toby Flood but if he was at a club owned by the RFU, Bracken argues, at which player development was prioritised, he would gain vital Premiership experience and his progress towards international rugby could be accelerated.

Not sure how this would work while the possibility of relegation exists, but as proposals go this one is radical, innovative and forward-thinking…

..and is therefore a non-starter.


Tiny74 said...

Yes Kyran (or shall we call you your nickname - “village”), lets push him into the spotlight, start him every game, let the press build him up, maybe a celebrity girlfriend…Let the Tigers do their thing with him, they have a better record at producing England players than anyone. If he’s good enough they’ll sort it.

Gareth said...

Hmm, interesting concept. I can see much whining and gnashing of teeth from the rest of the clubs with accusations of "conflict of interest" etc revolving around club funding.

Interesting to debate a dual approach - some centrally controlled franchises and some privately owned.

I can see a bun fight coming up. Excellent, love it when the RFU and Clubs get into a scrap.