Friday, 1 June 2012

A bad smell...

...continues to linger around the corridors of HQ in the form of threatened legal proceedings from former RFU Chairman, Martyn Thomas.

Thomas has apparently indicated that he plans to serve the RFU with a writ for defamation relating to the publication of the Blackett Report into the controversial departure of John Steele as CEO last year (crikey, was it only last year?)

For the uninitiated, the Blackett Report was commissioned by Martyn Thomas and his Management Board to investigate the circumstances in which Steele failed to secure the services of Clive Woodward as RFU Performance Director, for which he was effectively sacked last June. Unfortunately for the Management Board, rather than condemn Steele's actions (as they had anticipated), Judge Jeff Blackett instead recommended that Martyn Thomas and nine other non-executive directors on the Management Board should resign. As far as I am aware no Management Board member actually resigned while Thomas eventually had to be more or less dragged kicking and screaming from the building.

So, having escaped misconduct charges at the end of last year, it appears that Thomas is now after his pound of flesh and, perversely enough, this may be exactly what is needed - a chance to lay this whole sorry mess to rest.

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tinlegs said...

You know for a set-up of so called educated people the RFU seem to shoot themselves in the foot time and time again. Other unions must be laughing their socks off at the state of the game at the top what with Lancaster having to state what's right & wrong on tour, the RFU's in-fighting etc. etc. etc.