Friday, 22 June 2012

Happy Retirement Mr Flatman

Something that I inexplicably forgot to remark upon recently was the retirement through injury of erstwhile Bath and England prop David Flatman.

Not only was Flatman a fine loosehead and, in this blog’s humble opinion, worthy of far more than the 8 caps he collected for England, over the last few years he has also written a thoroughly witty and eloquent column for the Independent.

His latest offering – dealing with his retirement – is nothing short of a masterpiece. I urge you to read it – it sums up our sport quite wonderfully and is an article I really wish I could have written.

I truly hope that Flats continues to regale us with his insight and humour in the years to come and if there’s ever a book then I’ll be first in the queue.

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tinlegs said...

That's why I still play for our fourths and coach our Junior Colts, well said Mr Flatman. What a game! At any level.