Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Heavy touch

With the natural order of things restored in the southern hemisphere at the weekend after the Scots had upset the applecart last week (own up, who saw that one coming?), it’s time to focus once more on weightier (literally in my case) matters – i.e. the progress of the Bridesmaids touch team.

Having seen off the challenges of Chairman’s Choice and the Leprechauns over the past 2 weeks, we had reached the half-way point of the season in the box seat and last night we maintained our unbeaten record with our best performance so far – a 17-4 victory over the enigmatic Spy Rugby.

Furthermore – hold the front page – Total Flanker managed to cross the whitewash (or bluewash, to be precise) for the first time this season (or, more accurately, followed the dummy half over the line to take a scoring pass from minus one metres – a distance from which I’m deadly).

The try capped a performance in which I was far more involved from an attacking perspective than in previous weeks – a product of, I hope, improved fitness – although my efforts paled into insignificance compared to the performances of our young lads yesterday – Tommy, Richard, Alfie and Billy – who were all outstanding.

I suspect, however, that our frolicking around scoring tries for fun will be short lived – it’s a rest week next week followed by our return encounter with those BaaBaas from Watford. They’ll be itching for revenge after our 4-2 victory over them a few weeks back and I’m guessing it’s going to require a backs-to-the-wall defensive effort once again. Can’t wait!

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