Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wedding Bells

Francois Steyn is unavailable for this weekend’s 3rd Test against England because he is getting married.

What on earth was he thinking?

It is well established that all rugby players, even grassroots amateurs, know that you do not arrange a wedding during the rugby season. And if, by some strange quirk of fate, you do have to get married during the season (shotgun wedding etc), you damn well make sure the wedding is in the morning so that you’re available to play in the afternoon - it's hardly rocket science.

Meanwhile John Barclay has flown home ahead of Scotland’s match against Samoa in order to “prepare for his wedding” which is a week later.

Prepare? What? Has the world gone completely mad?


Courtney Armstrong said...

Hey - maybe it means England has a chance?

Don't be mad - I'm just saying what we're all thinking.

tinlegs said...

A man's role at a wedding: turn up at the church, say I do and have a few beers afterwards - that's it! What preparation is needed for that?

jjlm said...

Future Mrs. Barclay probably is afraid her husband gets injured right before the ceremony....

Gareth said...

Outrageous, arranged my wedding strategically so that I would be back from honeymoon for the ramp up in pre-season, oh and played West Point on the Thursday evening before the actual ceremony. Didn't forewarn the future Mrs P on that last fact, no point in worrying her.