Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Finishing Touch (2012)

And so another touch season comes to an end. Warm, balmy summer evenings only ever materialised in our imaginations as the Bridesmaids, perennial runners-up, shook loose the shackles of underachievement and emerged as champions of the Chesham Touch Premiership.

A 10-5 second victory over our main rivals – those infernal BaaBaas – 3 weeks ago meant that the title was very much ours to lose. A 10-3 victory over the Chairman’s Choice followed and then last night a 13-4 win against the Leprechauns (with even yours truly contributing a couple of close range tries) sealed the deal.

I have to say that once more it’s been an absolute pleasure and the fact that a team that comprised a bunch of 40-somethings and teenagers was able to triumph shows what a great game Touch is.

Sadly it appears that this victorious year will be no more than a blip. Our two 18 year olds disappear next year – to university and travelling respectively – which potentially leaves us bereft of strike runners. I see a winter of recruitment ahead!

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tinlegs said...

Well played! They're trying to get the fourths at my club to go training in the summer. Just gentle exercise to get fit with no contact they say...why don't I believe them? There's always the bar I supp.ose