Monday, 16 July 2012

Where am I?

There is one law amendment being trialled next season that has slipped under the radar somewhat ...

Alongside the slightly patronising ruling that women players may wear cotton blend long tights under their shorts and socks (cue the various stockings and suspenders jokes), comes the equally baffling news (courtesy of the excellent John Birch) that players may be fitted with GPS monitors.

Mr Birch poses some very pertinent questions: 
- Is this so that concussed props know which way to face in the second half?
- Or is it so that games can continue in thick fog?
- Or is it so that coaches can direct players via some sort of player-nav - or just by simple remote control? 
Personally I believe the answer is obvious – it’s the only way of making sure that Richie McCaw remains onside - cheap shot, but well worth it! :) 
P.S. I would like to point out that while John Birch drew my attention to the the GPS story he is in no way liable for the puerile comment about stockings and suspenders – that is, I’m afraid, all my own work.


tinlegs said...

Offside maybe but living on the limit is what makes a great flanker and he's a great flanker.

Pablo said...

In fairness to the IRB, the change on women wearing stockings isn't so ridiculous for a simple reason of inclusion. Stockings are not technically allowed at the moment (largely for historical reasons), permitting them means that stricter Muslim women can fully cover themselves. Obviously, they already have scrum caps and long-sleeved shirts for head and arms, but no currently permitted means of covering their legs.

Pragmatically, most referees (including me) faced with such a situation just allow the wearing of stockings, but this IRB ruling is actually a welcome - if long overdue - formalisation of that permission.

Of course, men still won't be allowed to wear stockings, because that would make you a big jessie :-P