Sunday, 26 August 2012

Back in Blighty

Back after 2 weeks of 40 degree heat in Turkey and welcomed by cold drizzle at Luton Airport at 1.30 this morning - SO glad to be home!

Did I miss much? Apparently not, other than another (surprise, surprise) injury to the Artist Formerly Known as Gavin Church, a promising start by the Argentinians to the tournament formerly known as the Tri-Nations and the apparent sacking of Northampton hooker Brett Sharman following an alleged racist tweet on Twitter about British Olympic hero, Mo Farah. What a prat (that's Sharman, not Farah!).

I have to admit I'm still buzzing 2 weeks after the Olympics and very much looking forward to the imminent Paralympics in London. There's a most definite feelgood factor in British sport from which rugby in these parts can benefit - and I'm hoping in particular that the RFU can take a long hard look at the likes of British Rowing and British Cycling and realise that it is possible to produce consistent and sustainable excellence (and not only in sitting down sports).

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Phil @ Dumptackle said...

Re your comments on the Olympics...

Apparantly Quins Conor O'Shea will be part of a team assessing the performance of the British swimmers at the last Olympics.

Just an interesting fact for you...