Monday, 17 September 2012

In the clear...

It seems Chris Ashton will not suffer any disciplinary action, from either Saracens or England, following his nightclub altercation on Saturday night. Quite right too, given that on the face of it he was the victim of some have-a-go moron who attempted to headbutt and then glass him.

I do wonder, however, why the penny hasn’t dropped for many professional rugby players. I know this will sound incredibly old fogeyish, but it can hardly come as a surprise to learn that nightclubs on a Saturday night often = trouble. Take a look inside any A & E department on a Saturday night for ample evidence.

Staying out of trouble really isn’t that difficult.

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rugbysid said...

I agree, being an old fogey myself...come to think of it, I was a young fogey too!