Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lions get wrong King?

Can't say I'm massively happy with the appointment of Warren Gatland as Lions head coach for the 2013 tour to Australia.

There's no doubt he's a good coach and was clearly favourite for the role, but there's something that sticks in the throat about having to have a Kiwi lead a Lions tour.

I don't think of myself as a xenophobe, but the Lions job really should be the ultimate ambition for any coach on these islands whereas Wazza's ultimate ambitions undoubtedly lie elsewhere, as did those of the Right Reverend Graham Henry before him.

By appointing Gatland I can't help feeling that we are effectively helping him enhance his knowledge and experience for the day he takes over the main job in the Land of the Long White Cloud which, frankly, is the last thing we should be doing.


Nursedude said...

Tough call. Gaitland has been in Wales with a great deal of success the last couple of years. I guess my question is, who do you think would have been a better candidate as far as a coach from one of the Home Nations? It's not meant to be a smart ass question, but who do you think should have been picked for the Lions head coach position?

Hank Vermin said...

NZRU not claiming Gatland as their "intellectual property" then?

Total Flanker said...

@ Nursedude

I honestly don't know. There's no doubt that Gatland was rightly the favourite based on recent form and we've already set the precedent with Henry. However there's something special about the Lions and the head coach really should be British/Irish (then again, I also think that players qualifying on residency grounds should not be included, so what do I know?) ;)

Aileen Coveney said...

The job of coach to the Lions team should be reserved for an up and coming coaching team from the home unions for the development of coaching with a view of replacing the foreign coaches at club level,the skills are available in the home unions at all departments, we should tap into them, and then and only then will the union game develop and not become the bastard child of League.

Total Flanker said...

Union the bastard child of league? That's a new one on me!

Gareth said...

Err, Union the bastard child of League? Leaving aside whether this is meant as a proxy for which code is "better" the statement is genetically speaking incorrect. Union begat League during the schism over payment.

Back the topic of Gatland. Whilst in general I agree the the Lions should have an Irish/British coach the fact is there are no stand out candidates, certainly from the 4 Nations. There is even talk of Schmidt being attack coach, again probably the best candidate. Crisis in domestic coaching?

I give Gatland a pass. He has been in these isles for a long time, served his apprenticeship coaching club rugby in Ireland and led Ireland & Wales. A little different pedigree to the Rev