Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sorry end to sad saga

I also can't say I'm hugely impressed by the somewhat gutless announcement that the RFU has apologised to former chairman Martyn Thomas for the comments made against him in last year's controversial Blackett Report.

The original report, commissioned by Thomas and his Management Board, concluded that Thomas and nine other non-executive directors on the Management Board should resign, having taken evidence from 65 witnesses on a confidential basis. A subsequent report, led by Charles Flint QC, then concluded that there was no “solid evidence” against Thomas (hardly surprising given that it was collected confidentially) since when the RFU has been under threat of a defamation writ from their former chairman.

This week’s announcement seemingly brings an end to this pathetic, laughable saga. The RFU may be gutless but at least it seems it's finally all over.

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