Saturday, 27 October 2012

Kick Racism out of Rugby

Interesting piece in today's Telegraph about Slough prop Gavin Connor who claims he was racially abused in a Southern Counties North match v Milton Keynes recently.

This of course follows the somewhat more high profile debate about racism in professional football. Just because rugby is lower profile, however, doesn't mean that the issue is any less important.

The case against Milton Keynes was dismissed at a Bucks RFU disciplinary hearing because of a lack of evidence, but such is his dermination to heighten awareness about racism in rugby, Connor has set up a "Kick Racism out of Rugby" campaign.

Look, I don't know the bloke and have no idea whether he was racially abused or not. I also don't see racism as a major problem in rugby. The fact is, though, that any racism in the game needs to be stamped on and stamped on hard - and for this reason I'm more than happy to support Gavin Connor's campaign.

For more info check out the campaign's Facebook page.

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tinlegs said...

Well said after all,14 we're not footballers...