Friday, 26 October 2012


Fiji coach Inoke Male appears to be using Mako Vunipola’s call up to the England squad as an ideal opportunity for bandwagon-jumping, labelling England as "vultures."

According to Male, if you go to the Fijian secondary school championships you will see scouts from Australia, New Zealand and England “taking our young players like vultures”.

Somewhat conveniently Male won’t name names, but he says that players are being invited to the UK when they are 14 and by 17 are opting to play for England. Apparently there is one very talented 16 year old Fijian in particular who has now opted to play for England.

If that is in fact what is happening then it’s pretty disgraceful and the IRB needs to clamp down.

In the absence of names, however, I suspect that it’s bollocks.


Gideon Heugh said...

I do wish they'd change the eligibility rules though... 5 years would be better than three. Maybe scrap the 'grandparent' rule too.

Matt Knight said...

I can believe Inoke Male's sentiments without seeing it. Recruitment is rife in the game. At South Africa's premier schools compo - Craven Week - you will bump into Aussie and English rugby scouts, representing clubs and academies, regulary.
Do you have a link for Souster's Times article yesterday?