Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What goes around...

...tends to come around.

Bryan Redpath's removal from being involved in team affairs at Sale, apparently to make way for John Mitchell, is laced with delicious irony.

Redpath, you may recall, resigned from his position as head coach at Gloucester in April, with 2 games remaining last season. Coincidentally (or not), a few days earlier Sale's CEO Steve Diamond had stated that all interviews for the position of Director of Rugby at Sale had been concluded. Diamond also insisted that no contact had been made with Redpath prior to his resignation but, lo and behold, who turned up at Sale in June?

So, now to John Mitchell, a coach whose previous tenure at Western Force in Perth came to an end under a cloud after he was investigated following complaints from senior players about his methods and who is currently suspended by his present employer, South Africa's Golden Lions, pending an investigation into player allegations of misconduct against him. Be careful what you wish for, and all that...

One thing's for sure - Mitchell "doesn't suffer fools gladly" - Mr Cipriani, you have been warned.


GazP said...

Is it me or does Steve Diamond remind you of the bossy kid in the playground who wanted to be goalie, striker and referee?

First he is CEO, then Forwards coach, now Director of Rugby. I am waiting for the physio to get fired and big Steve to slip on the latex gloves.

I hope it's a 'sleeves rolled up' approach rather ego trip. Professional Rugby in the North is hanging on by it's fingertips so I would see no joy in his failure.

tinlegs said...

Good point Gareth but we desperately need somebody with some idea of how to rugby.