Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lucky b******!

Far be it for me to suggest that New Zealand flanker Adam Thomson's one match ban for raking the head of Scotland's Alasdair Strokosch on Sunday might be seen as just a tad lenient.

The ban leaves Thomson free to face Wales and England later in the tour although, judging by the look on coach Steve Hansen's face at the time of the incident on Sunday, Thomson might just find himself holding tackle bags for the rest of the trip.


Scotty said...

It has been an interesting one. The citing committee only gave Springboks prop Dean Greyling a two week ban for a deliberate flying elbow to the head of Richie McCaw. It seems that if you want to offend, a tip tackle is not the best way of doing it with Wallabies lock Rob Simmons getting 8 weeks. It is hard to know what takes place at these hearings, I guess the key is finding a long enough ban to punish them and make them never want to do that act again. Thomson's clean record knocked a week off apparently. I thought he would get 3 weeks off and miss the rest of the tour. To be honest, he was never going to play Italy anyway and he wouldn't be in our best match day 22 most of the time, so it is not a big deal anyway!

Gareth said...

The law is an ass, well at least the nonsensical application of it by various disciplinary committee's.

This not about Thomson, I personally thought this particular offense was not that heinous. What is clearly a nonsense is the complete lack of consistency across jurisdictions and also the seemingly arbitrary sentencing recommendations.

Write some naughty things on Twitter that the duffers don't like - that will be 3 weeks in the clanger for you son.

Foot/elbow into someone's head - give yourself a week off and don't be a naughty boy again.

No wonder some nations feel there is a two tier system of justice.