Monday, 12 November 2012

November Internationals Week 1 – very quick review

ENGLAND – Jury firmly out. Should know more after next weekend assuming the Aussies can put up more of a fight than Fiji (not guaranteed after the fiasco against France).

FIJI – lively in patches but lacked any semblance of a set-piece.

WALES – outthought, outplayed and outfought by Argentina. Strength in depth? My arse.

ARGENTINA – tough as ever but now also creative and clearly benefitting from playing in tournament formerly known as the TriNations.

IRELAND – how can 3 provinces individually be so mighty and yet collectively be so mediocre?

SOUTH AFRICA – not quite as mediocre as Ireland.

SCOTLAND – gutsy and resilient but blinked too often and every time they did so conceded a try.

NEW ZEALAND – ability to accumulate points so rapidly is what sets them apart.

FRANCE & AUSTRALIA – didn’t see it and haven’t seen any highlights but the score sort of speaks for itself, doesn't it?


anne bebbington said...

the Scotland v New Zealand match was far more entertaining than the score would imply and I feel the flying dutchman on the Scottish wing as well as providing tasty eye candy for we shallow female fans may well be worth keeping an eye on

Total Flanker said...

McVisser certainly knows where the tryline is Anne. Can't defend for toffee though.

anne bebbington said...

I'm ashamed to admit his defence skills weren't what immediately came to mind when I think of him - interestingly Ashton's defense skills have been called into question this last week or two as well - missed tackles are always expensive

Gareth said...

France looked the part against the Wallabies, toss up between this game and Nz/Scots for the best game of the first round of Autumn Int.

France well worth the win, even more so in light of the Eng/Aus outcome. In particular their back row was outstanding. Nyanga was cast into the wilderness by Mad Marc which means he is obviously class. Showed it against the Wallabies and apparently was MOM this weekend too.

Is it that difficult for for Eng/Irish coaches to understand that you need a dedicated 7? Seems to have been really important since about 1988 but clearly passes us by.