Monday, 26 November 2012

Questions and answers

Question: Is all this criticism of Chris Robshaw justified?

Answer: Only insofar as he failed to slap Owen Farrell for dithering.

Question: Should Andy Robinson have resigned as Scottish coach?

Answer: Too right he should have…and good on him - it’s rare to see a coach take responsibility so readily for the abject performance of his players.

Question: Were Ireland brilliant or were Argentina crap?

Answer: A bit of both – Ireland do appear to have moved on into an exciting post-BOD and post-POC era but for Argentina it did look like one game too far.

Question: Why are the All Blacks so good yet so unloved?

Answer: Ask Andrew Hore.

Question: Which Welsh coach came up with the idea of a 13-man lineout?

Answer: Whoever it was, he’s a bloody genius!


sesenta y cuatro said...

"Why are the All Blacks so good yet so unloved? Ask Andrew Hore."

Firstly. This is a biased Q&A; you answer the only part that you want to answer. You don't think Hore is the answer to them being so good, but rather to them being so unloved.

Secondly. The All Blacks are loved everywhere except in the UK. Probably if you would rephrase your Q. to something like: "Why are the All Blacks so g... I mean, why do we hate them?" you'd find the reason why they are loved everywhere except in the UK.

Thirdly. You are making the assumption that the All Blacks all behave like that after one player's action. No one said after Jamie Heaslip's knee attack on Richie McCaw the Irish were thugs. Why are you so willing to "unlove" the All Blacks that it only takes a single action to make a general rule? (They are so unloved...)

It is all in your mind, fed by the need to find flaws in their rugby, which is a need created by your journalists, to make up for the one thing that should make RFU ashamed: That despite having the best pool of players in the world, english rugby puts so much in clubs competitions that there's only the spoils left for national team.

You could admire them, you could chose the good side of a very good team, but you chose to focus on the bad side. And what is it? That one player last week committed a despicable action. Then, what about Higgingbotham? I didn't hear you complain. What about Dean Greyling? But of course, there's not this feeling of "how good they are" about the Boks or the Wallabies, is there?

As an All Blacks fan I regret what Hore did and feel sorry for Davies. I just wish him a fast recovery and I feel ashamed a player I like did that to him. But I also admire when a team shows they are better than the All Blacks and I don't need to find any kind of downside.

Total Flanker said...

Sorry, I just don't buy the theory that the All Blacks are hated in the UK.

This team has so much going for it - best All Black side I've seen in a long time - it really is a team that SHOULD be loved and admired.

However the All Blacks management's failure to condemn Hore's behaviour and take appropriate action does the team no favours at all.

Steve Hanson's comment...

“I’m resigned to the fact that he has been cited. It happens every time we come up here”

...says it all.

Is he honestly suggesting that the ABs are somehow being victimised?

sesenta y cuatro said...

Unloved... hated... call it what you want, that does not change anything.

There's still bias in your post.

And yes, you are completely right that it is a shame that neither Hore nor Steve Hansen have apologised, showing they realise that is not part of our game. It's a missed chance.

But hey, I stil did not hear a complain in the british press on Robbie Deans or Scott Higgingbotham for what happened just one month ago...

Total Flanker said...

It's a blog - of cousre there's bias! :)

GazP said...

I don't buy the whole AB's feelings being hurt. This is not an AB bias or anything else. It was a cowardly hit, he has apologized and got his ban (inc pre-season games, WTF!!) Having said that it's not like he hit him with a sword or anything. Nasty but not a war crime. Probably OTT by a lot of media, flamed by Hanson's Wenger like idiocy.

Back to rugby. Just watched a re-run of the Eng game. They are effing awful in attack. I mean really really bad. Pack did well though

Von said...

Dear Mr Flanker,
Cracking post as always, but I disagree on Andy Robinson. Whilst I think he was terrible as England head coach, in his tenure as Scotland coach he's transformed them from the dullest team in world rugby to one of the more creative sides in the northern hemisphere, (all relative I know!). Proof of this is in scoring three tries against New Zealand, notwithstanding the fact they were ultimately thrashed, that's actually some feat.

Losing to Tonga might sound like the end of the world, but they are a good side now - ridiculously good considering their total population is about half of Northampton's. I seriously think by the next world cup, Tonga, Fiji and especially Samoa are going to be genuine competitors.

Ultimately I don't think a manager in any sport should resign on the basis of one poor result.