Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Coming out?

It seems that gay rights campaigners in New Zealand have called for a homosexual All Blacks player to openly declare his sexuality and act as a role model in the fight against bigotry.

Statistically it is certain that former Welsh winger and soon-to-be Dancing on Ice sensation, Gareth Thomas, cannot be rugby's 'only Gay in the village' but whether anyone comes out or not is surely a very personal decision and pressure from activists is hardly likely to help.

According to openly-gay kiwi TV presenter, Steve Gray, there have been several gay All Blacks and it is "time for one to stand up and be counted". He even claims to have slept with one player, although hardly adds to the credibility of the claim with the comment:

"Everyone always asks what his name was, but I can't remember. I don't know who the All Blacks are." Hmmm.


Scotty said...

Yeah I hear of rumours of gay All Blacks with reference to a few players from the early 2000s team.

Nursedude said...

It kind of surprises me that it's still an issue. I guess living in California now where so many people are "out", including the president of the Pasadena Rugby Club, where I play as an old boy..