Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lay off the refs

Premiership referees have been taking a fair bit of flak in recent weeks with the likes of Quins' Conor O'Shea, Leicester's Richard Cockerill and Worcester's Richard Hill all vehemently criticisng the standard of officiating in post-match interviews.

I'm sure that those inviduals mentioned all have valid concerns and no doubt there are issues that need addressing but there is a time and a place to raise these issues and a post-match press interview is not that time or place.

The public lambasting of officials is unacceptable. This isn't football.


wikiG said...

Hear hear! It's not as if they have a clear view of everything like they do in football either!



Nursedude said...

I agree 100%. And Rugby is a helluva tougher game to officiate than football/soccer.