Sunday, 27 January 2013


According to the Sunday Torygraph's Paul Ackford, England's victory over the All Blacks in November  "hangs like a millstone around their necks" because it has set the expectation level too high.

Oh yes, Paul, quite right - surely it would have been far better to have suffered ignominious defeat against New Zealand just to ensure we didn't expect too much this 6 Nations.

Mr Ackford also claims that England have yet to prove that they are competitive away from home. So victories in both away fixtures in last year's 6 Nations and two narrow defeats and a draw in South Africa in the summer isn't being competitive?

Honestly, is this what passes for sports journalism these days?

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Anonymous said...

It's the natural pessimism that follows England Rugby.

I think to refer to beating New Zealand as a Millstone is ridiculous but I would be fair to say there's pressure in beating the best team in the world then coming into a competition with only one side ranked above you, we should do more than just compete, we should have a good chance of winning and with that comes extraordinary pressure, which is I think more the point he's trying to make.