Tuesday, 29 January 2013

See you...!

Not one to conform to national stereotypes, former Scottish forwards guru Jim Telfer has given his wholly objective assessment of the England rugby team.

"They are too arrogant, too pretentious and too condescending…" said Telfer.

“Mind you, I like a lot of English people, especially from the northern part of the country” he added, hitching up his kilt, scratching his sporran, sipping his Irn Bru and munching on a deep fried Mars bar before headbutting the interviewer.

“See you, ye Sassenach bastard”.


Buzz said...

Mind you, if you read the whole interview he's equally withering on the Welsh and the Jocks themselves.

Good old Jim......

BigJocktheLock said...

I'm embarassed. 'nuff said!!