Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Bilge #1 - according to Lewis Moody, England winning a Grand Slam this year might not be a good thing as as it could see the team peak too soon.

“Part of me wants them not to win it because you have to maintain that level of high performance,” says the insane canine.

Utter bilge. If England aspire to be a top rugby team of course they have to set and maintain high standards. Ask the All Blacks.

Bilge #2 - the Torygraph's Mick Cleary argues that the petulance and niggle displayed by Owen Farrell against the French on Saturday are part of what makes him the player he is. According to Cleary it's absolutely fine to behave like a twat on the rugby field as long as you don't get carded or cited.

Utter, utter bilge. The pressure got to Farrell on Saturday, he reacted like a pillock and his game suffered. Remind you of anyone else hailing from Wigan?

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