Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dunderhead of the Week

It's time, after a seemingly endless hiatus, to re-introduce the coveted title of Dunderhead of the Week.

And the deserving receipient is, of course, Sig. Sergio Parisse.

The Italian skipper denies that he used insulting language towards referee Laurent Cardona in Saturday's match between Stade Francais and Bordeaux-Begles. Whatevever he did say, however, was sufficient to persuade Monsieur Cardona to send him off, a decision the official is unlikley to have taken lightly.

It appears that Sig. Parisse will now, at the very least, miss Italy's encounter with Wales in Rome. For all his undoubted talent and quality, he does sometimes come across as a bit of a knob.


anne bebbington said...

In football he'd probably have got Man of the Match for this

Gareth said...

Love the finishing sentence and unfortunately I suspect it's true.

Total Flanker said...

...and now he has 40 days in which to regret his folly, taking him out of the rest of Italy's 6N campaign. Prat.

Von said...

It'll be interesting to see how Italy cope without him. He is the lynchpin of everything Italy do well, not to mention a talismanic leader.

A pity because I was looking forward to Wales getting beaten in Rome; Parisse's such an important player that without him I think Wales should win comfortably.