Saturday, 9 February 2013

Highlights, lowlights

A verdict of sorts on today's events...

Difficult to know what to make of today's Scotland v Italy encounter. For a start, what on earth were the Scots wearing and who gave the go ahead for the teams to wear virtually identical kits? I actually thought that the Italians played very, very well, undone only by critical mistakes at critical times and by a clinical Scottish performance. And the words 'clinical' and 'Scottish' have never previously appeared in the same sentence.

Highlight of the match? Signor Venditti's airshot when attempting to hack the ball clear - an effort which made me look like Pele.

And on to Paris. Now, I watched the game from beginning to end and heard what the BBC pundits, Clive Woodward included, had to say about how well Wales played, but for the life of me I'm not sure I can recall a worse Six Nations game. Ever. Wales were abjectly terrible. And France were worse.

Highlights? None. Seriously, none. It was that bad.

The only things of vague interest were the hookers' hairstyles.


anne bebbington said...

Summed it up perfectly - taking the Dublin game into account too this weekend's performances were pretty much as boring as last weekends were rivettingly exciting - with the exception of some of the Edinburgh fixture it was mainly a big snooze - nice to see England at the top of the table though - shame Wales and France didn't leave it at a draw - they could've shared the Wooden Spoon!

Total Flanker said...

In retropsect I was undoubtedly a bit harsh on the Welsh, but it's so frustrating to watch talented players play with such obvious fear. Oh for the twinkling feet of Ickle Shane Williams!!