Monday, 11 March 2013


If this year’s 6 Nations is anything to go by, scrummaging at the elite level - under this year’s “crouch, touch, set” protocol - is now even more of a farce than under the previous discredited “crouch, touch, pause…wait for it…wait for it… ennnnnnngage” sequence.

Referees seem overly keen to penalise any early engagement and yet appear to have no problem whatsoever with allowing a team to get the shove on way before the ball is fed into the scrum.

So, engaging a split second before the “set” command is penalised and yet driving immediately on impact, with the ball still in the scrum half’s hands, is ignored. Scotland, in particular were stitched up like a kipper by Mr Joubert on Saturday - damned if they shoved and damned if they didn’t.

Here’s a radical idea. Why don’t the IRB form a working party of international front row forwards from both hemispheres and lock them in a room with no access to food until they come up with a solution. I reckon it’d take about 5 minutes.

Or, better still, just apply the existing laws...


RunningRugby4 said...
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RunningRugby4 said...

and if they feel REALLY daring, they could get rid of the hit which serves no purpose. But maybe that's just too much