Sunday, 10 March 2013


Heartrate just about back to normal, enough to make the following observations:
  • this England team are clearly uncomfortable with being favourites - which is a good thing because after today there's no chance of them travelling to Cardiff carrying that burden.
  • with Manu Tuilagi shackled by the devious tactic of tackling low, England have precious few ball carrying options. If Ben Morgan isn't fit Billy Vunipola needs to be handed his debut.
  • fine footballer that he is, Alex Goode is simply not quick enough nor strong enough in the tackle to be an international fullback. Mike Brown to fullback please, with Ben Foden onto the left wing.
  • seriously, today has to have been Chris Ashton's last chance, doesn't it?
My 23 for Cardiff (which will of course never happen):

M. Vunipola, T.Youngs, Cole, Launchbury, Parling, Wood, Robshaw, B.Vunipola
B.Youngs, O.Farrell, B.Foden, B.Twelvetrees, M.Tuilagi, D.Strettle, M.Brown

Bench: Marler, Wilson, Hartley, Lawes, Croft, Care, Burns, Barritt


Anonymous said...

Agree with most of that, just not sure about Foden. We really need a couple of professional wingers who know where wingers are supposed to stand. I so, so wanted Ashton to prove them all wrong on Sunday - but he did the opposite, he completely re-enforced everyone's criticisms of his defence and chase. Yes, he was in the right places on attack and half the Italian team were there too, waiting for him. He has no step or jink, nothing - utterly predictable. I reckon most of his tries have come from being the only guy left who hasn't been involved in a tackle and therefore free to run up the pitch waiting for the offload. I think Faz can take us to a GS - the Welsh will say we're boring but who cares, winning is a habit and a GS is a pretty good start. I got us at 6-1 for a GS a month before the touney started.

Von said...

Max - how much did you lose?? ;)