Friday, 8 March 2013

The curious case of Tyson Keats

The folk at London Welsh are apparently “hugely disappointed and shocked” after receiving a five-point deduction and a £15k fine for fielding an ineligible player, Tyson Keats, for 10 games this season.
I reckon they got off lightly, given that New Zealand-born Keats was fraudulently registered as a UK born player with the RFU by Welsh’s former team manager Mike Scott who, in an attempt to cover his tracks, provided the RFU with falsified documents over a period of time including a forged copy of a UK passport.
Welsh claim that they were “unknowingly the victim of one individual’s fraudulent conduct” but when that individual happens to be an employee, and a relatively senior employee at that, I’m afraid that they’re bang to rights.
At least a 5 point deduction (with a further 5 points deferred to next season) gives them a fighting chance of avoiding relegation.

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