Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The results are in...

A survey on the subject of the scrum, created by Welsh rugby fan Ian Price, has been doing the rounds online.

The results are informative. Of approximately 8,000 respondents to the survey:

  • 95% believe elite scrums are a priority problem for the game and need reform;
  • 47% believe the engagement sequence is the biggest factor in the failure of elite scrums, while 40% blame the referees;
  • 86% confirmed that the scrummaging issue detracted from their enjoyment of the game as a paying customer; and
  • 96% do not believe the IRB is doing enough to address elite level scrummaging issues.

The big question is: will the IRB listen?

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Gareth said...

Pretty damning response rates but not hugely surprising.

I think the referees have a part to play but they are as much the maligned party as the supporters. Referees have always struggled to manage scrums well, going back 20 yrs. It is much exacerbated now by the inconsistent meddling of the IRB and the fact that players and coaches are professional and have more time and inclination to bend the rules.

The latter point won't change. Not wanting to just moan here are my suggestions to improve:

1. Props to wear shirts that can be gripped (has ancillary visual benefits too)

2.Have the front rows actually engage without a hit, and then immediately have the back 5 bind in. Essentially remove the hit but not the contest

3. Srum half put in straight. Bring back the contest for the ball.

The scrum has 2 main purposes;

restart the game whilst keeping the forwards engaged to create space

Allow for one pack to gain physical/mental superiority over the other

lets have rules that promote these two goals