Thursday, 25 April 2013

Oh Danny Boy

Just when you think the rugby season is petering out along comes a story like manna from heaven for your humble rugby blogger...

So, having spent much of the season out of the limelight (and out of the Sale Sharks 1st XV), former saviour of English rugby Danny Cipriani has returned to form with a bang having been hit by a double-decker bus whilst on a pub crawl with team-mates in Leeds city centre.

According to his agent Cipriani “was running across the road and just misjudged the speed of the bus." Nothing new there really– on the pitch our Danny is known for often misjudging the speed of opposing players although typically, to be fair, this causes him to leap out of their way rather than into contact.

It is reported that Cipriani is suffering from concussion although, in fairness, I am surprised that anyone could tell.

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