Monday, 15 April 2013

Practice what you preach

The capacity of the IRB to shoot itself in the foot never ceases to amaze.

What have the Board done this time? Only deny the economically challenged country of Cyrpus the chance to qualify for the 2015 World Cup, that’s what.

This the same Cyprus who, last month, defeated Bulgaria 79-10 to set a new record for successive Test wins – 18 in all since “the Moufflons” were last defeated (by Israel in 2008).

The grounds for the decision of world rugby’s governing body appear to be that Cyprus are not yet full members of the IRB.

And yet this is the same IRB who keep banging on about growing rugby’s global family. Come on IRB, practice what you preach.

There’s an online petition doing the rounds in the hope of forcing the IRB into a re-think – a long shot, but worth a go.

Incidentally, I wonder if our old friend Felix Frixou is still involved?

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James Franco said...

Felix Frixou isnt involved as a player now but his Son is. He progressed through Derby Colts to their first team and now plays for Cyprus