Tuesday, 30 April 2013


So it's done - Lions tour squad announced. Initial thoughts:

1. Perhaps not quite as unbalanced as anticipated but Scotland have been well and truly shafted. Laidlaw, Grant, Beattie, Brown and possibly Visser all had a decent shout.

2. Gatland has made no exceptions for French-based players. At least he's consistent. Wrong, but consistent.

3. Hartley, Stevens and Vunipola?

4. Massively harsh on Robshaw.

5. England's squad for Argentina now potentially looking very good, although front row resources might be a bit thin.

6. I'd be interested to know who's on standby.


Joshua Balfe said...

G Jenkins made it in despite being france based

Joshua Balfe said...
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BigJocktheLock said...

2 out of the 3 Scotland picks were shoe-in's. Maitland was lucky. Could have argued for Laidlaw and Brown and hope they're on standby. Beattie needed another year after his "comeback" and Visser is good but doesn't go looking for work as much as you'd like.
I'm not bitter because Lions selections tend to mirror the previous Six Nations. And although Scotland finished third, it wasn't pretty.

Agree with you on Robshaw and Stevens though. Not sure about BOD's inclusion either.

Joshua Balfe said...

I also genuinely thought Hamilton had a shout for the Scots, he overshadowed Grey throughout the Six Nations in my eyes

BigJocktheLock said...

Hamilton made a nuisance of himself throughout the 6N and was brilliant in the lineouts. Gives away too many penalties though and that probably went against him, especially as Paul O'Connell is fit. And Gray is more dynamic.

Total Flanker said...

@ Joshua Balfe - well spotted. And Mike Phillips. So apart from Welsh France based players Gatland is consistent.