Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tat, utter tat...

I don't know, I go away for a week and what do I return to? News of Mrs Thatcher's demise might dominate the headlines but I'm drawn, like a moth to a flame, to the recent launch of the new England Sevens kit.
The marketing folk at Canterbury and the RFU must genuinely think we're stupid.
Apparently both the home and away kit have been created "with the English rose at the heart of the design using a pixelated image of the iconic rugby emblem." 

The home shirt, we're told, has a "classic look" while the away shirt "offers fans a livelier look to match the entertaining atmosphere at the London Sevens." Seriously.

And, having quaffed their fill of creative juice, those same marketing gurus have launched a ‘Home or Away’ campaign to ask fans to pledge their allegiance to the home or away shirt.

Sadly I suspect that there's no opportunity to choose a "sorry, both kits look shite" option.

No doubt this will fall on deaf ears, but please, please, don't encourage these idiots by taking part in this cynical campaign or by spending your hard-earned cash on this tat.


Von said...

I like the top one!

Total Flanker said...

@Von - have you been drinking?

rugbysid said...

The top one suggests to me a large area of mountain peaks emerging from an expanse of snow above the tree line.
Printed on the back is "My dad visited Everest Base Camp and all I got is this lousy T-shirt"