Friday, 19 April 2013


Mid April and that can only mean one thing. Touch Rugby is back on the agenda.

I would like to say that I have been following a strict training regime in order to be in shape for my 8th consecutive Touch Rugby season. I would like say that but I can’t. I’m afraid that a winter spent cuddling beer and pizza in front of the warming glow of the TV has had the expected effect on my physique, only mitigated slightly by a week of beach jogging and swimming on my hols last week.

So, following Tuesday evening’s first practice session of the Spring my body is certainly letting me know how unimpressed it is with my efforts – with the simple act of standing up from my chair now involving a complex levering manoeuvre accompanied by a somewhat unnerving series of creaks and groans.

That said, it was nevertheless great fun chucking a ball around again and reaquainting myself with physical exertion. A few of last year’s team were also in attendance and it appears that although we will be missing one or two of our young stars from last year, we may have one or two others up our sleeve for the coming “season” – so although we will hardly start as favourites you just never know...

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