Monday, 20 May 2013

Wazzock of the Week

A leopard never changes its spots.

Delon Armitage’s taunting of Brock James as he ran clear for Toulon’s Heineken Cup-winning try on Saturday shouldn’t have come as any great surprise given his track record and neither should his abusive response to criticism of his actions from Brian Moore on Twitter.

Arrogant? Obnoxious? Immature? Take your pick.

Armitage now admits his actions were “stupid” but we’ve heard the apologies before. At 29 he is rapidly running out of time to grow up.


wikiG said...

There is no place for this in rugby and I am also a huge fan of Brian Moore's no nonsense commentary. As if Chris Ashtons swallow dive wasn't bad enough, you now have this idiotic ritual amongst rugby players of stupid dives and celebrations. What happened to putting the ball down and jogging back to the half way line with some handshakes, hugs a d pats on the back. No I'm not old school, I am 25!


Sean Paul Verity said...

I disagree. I don't see the harm in taunting an opponent. You might regret it later but if you want to risk a taunt then feel free...

And this is nothing new. I bet that a game doesn't go by, no matter what the level that a front row forward won't twist the knife into another front row forward having won a scrum. There shouldn't be different rules because Delon is a back.

Here's a great example...

As for the aftermath. Brian Moore's comment was unnecessary. I like him but it was even more unnecessary given he spent his whole career taunting players. Delon's comment was even worse. Rugby should be like it has always been... leave it on the field and have a beer. If you are on the wrong end of a taunt then take it and put it right at the earliest opportunity.