Thursday, 6 June 2013

Back in Touch

Forget the Lions for a moment. The question on the tip of your collective tongues (all 3 of them) is undoubtedly: “I wonder how TF is getting along with his Touch Rugby this summer?”
The answer, I’m afraid, lies in the fact that summer has barely managed to get going this year with the result that two weeks were rained off and fixtures cancelled, meaning that this Tuesday was our first run out since the first game of the season 4 weeks ago.
It was therefore a fairly rusty ‘Billy Who?’ team that found itself up against our perennial rivals – those pesky Barbarians from Watford.
The match was refereed by a rookie 15 year old and, whilst full of admiration for the fact that he had volunteered for the role, the net result was that the match was in actual fact refereed by various vociferous members of the opposition who effectively instructed the young referee in what decisions to take.
Although this was extremely irritating and I would love to blame our subsequent 8-10 defeat on the referee, in all honestly I cannot do so. We were sloppy in defence and careless in possession – never a good combination – whilst my own contribution, although hardly disastrous, was somewhat negligible. Must do better.
Still, I can't really complain about a run out on a summer's evening chucking a rugby ball around. Let's hope there are a few more such evenings to come...

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