Sunday, 23 June 2013


1. A win is a win is a win, no matter how fortunate.

2. A defeat is a defeat, no matter how unfortunate.

3. Utter brilliance and utter wassockness from George North in equal measure.

4. Will Robbie Deans pick a fly half to play flay half next week?

5. Will Kurtley Beale decide to put some studs in his boots?

6. Do Australia have any fit players left to play in the three quarters?

7. Will the Lions ever have as good a chance as this to seal a series win?


rugbysid said...

Re:Point 6 - yes, and there`s a lot to be said for the old style straight run-up toe-end style kicking.

Regarding an earlier Beale kick there`s also a lot to be said for having your kicking coach on the field to tell you the ball is pointing the wrong way! I`m only going from memory and I don`t think they gave a very good picture of the ball/posts, but I felt sure the ball was pointing wide and he was going to miss it.

Unknown said...

Might it be time for Robbie Deans and Quade Cooper to let by gones be by gones? They need a play maker at 10 and lets face it, he's running out of backs!