Saturday, 15 June 2013

Turning Japanese (I really think so)

Congrats to Japan - not only was their historic 23-8 victory over Wales their first win against an allegedly top tier rugby nation, by virtue of the victory Japan are now also the proud holders of the coveted Raeburn Shield.

For the uninitiated the Raeburn Shield is a hypothetical international rugby trophy that you win by beating the current holders and keep until you are next beaten. The first holders of the Shield were Scotland after beating England in the the very first game of international rugby union at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh in 1871. Until their defeat to Japan, Wales were the holders by virtue of their victory against England in Cardiff earlier this year.

So now the mythical trophy is in the hands of the Japanese for the very first time and, with Japan involved in the forthcoming IRB Pacific Nations tournament, the Raeburn Shield could find itself in some very non-traditional rugby locations over the next few weeks.

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