Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Up all night to get lucky #2

In Dublin's Fair City...

We’ve admittedly been a bit slow on the uptake this side of the Irish Sea following reports in Ireland of 2 Irish international rugby players allegedly involved in a threesome after a Dublin night out recently, the details of which emerged in all their glory via Facebook (#other social media sites are also available).

The mainline Irish press have been very coy about the identities of those involved, which is a tad strange given that it’s all over Twitter (#) and they've happily been reporting the players' recent movements.

Apparently one player has left the country in a bid to escape intense media coverage (i.e. he’s gone on holiday) whilst the other “has been spotted out shopping for clothes near Dublin and attending the races” (shock, horror).

Not wanting to get into a legal ballyhoo I've decided I'm not about to reveal the identity of the players involved. It could be any two of the below players who may or may not be standing (or indeed sitting) next to one another in the back row (or indeed the front).

However, here’s who it wasn’t.

Definitely not.  :)

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