Saturday, 7 December 2013

World spins off its axis as Austin Healy talks sense

Unexpected words of wisdom from former England gobshite scrum-half/wing Austin Healy this week.

Healy is suggesting that one of the reasons rugby has become so brutal (as I highlighted last month) is that the game is now simply too slow.

He rightly points out that the length of time taken to form scrums and lineouts and to kick penalties (whether at the posts or into touch) means precious little time is left to, well, run around.

The consequence? Players are conditioned to be bigger. As Healy says, a  lock who makes 25 big impacts but only runs 2½ miles per game will train accordingly.

Healy even goes so far as to suggest a solution - speed up the game, make it more aerobic, force players to prepare accordingly and shrink in bulk and reduce the high impact brutality.

It all makes an astonishing amount of sense.

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Unknown said...

Wouldn't that leave us with a game that's very like, erm, rugby league?