Friday, 7 March 2014

Seconds out, round 4

A few meandering thoughts heading into round 4 of this year's Six Nations:

- With Sergio Parisse missing for Italy it's difficult to see anything other than a resounding victory for the Irish in Dublin, putting them firmly in the box seat for the Championship.

- France, meanwhile, look to have lost the plot entirely. Not sure what Monsieur Saint Andre is up to exactly, but his continued use of a tight head prop in the centre is looking more and more perverse as the competition progresses. Scotland are in with a great shout on Saturday.

- For a team that haven't exactly scaled the heights recently, Wales are being remarkably bullish.

- Proof that the Six Nations reaches parts other tournaments don't reach - England fullback Mike Brown's new number one fan is none other than ex Man Utd keeper Peter Schmeichel…

- And the final word goes to TF reader Mark, who kindly emailed me to point out that former butler to Princess Diana, Paul Burrell, has done a remarkable job of reinventing himself as an international centre...

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