Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Six Nations: Burning Issue of the Week #4


sesenta y cuatro said...

I come from time to time to your blog.
I don't particularly enjoy it, although I try to read all posts.

But this time I think I have had more than enough. I think it is not fair of you to suggest the French were not spirited. I think it is just more of the same from your side, after the idea of the Anglo-French competition was not put in place.

Last seen in 2010? I think you did not watch the entire 2011 RWC, did you? Also, was it also spiritless to come back from behind earlier this 6N in Paris to defeat England?

Your comments are often one-eyed, the way you speak about France shows little respect (and France tends to receive less flak from you than other usually do like Wales).

The truth of the matter is that after an intense match of rugby like the one on Saturday in Paris both teams should be congratulated for a very good match, but strangely this is overlooked in the blog of a person who used to pride himself in talking rugby from a rugby field (for example:

Total Flanker said...

Mate - don't take it so seriously. It's only a blog. :)

ricardoburns said...

France have been pretty awful, playing negative rugby.
I blame the influx of foreign players in the Top14.
RWC2011 they played one good game, the final.
Apart from that we saw them being beaten by Tonga and winning by 1 point over a 14 man Welsh team.
2013 six nations, i think their final position sums it up, last.
This year they were lucky against England and only really started playing against Ireland.
So i think Total Flanker has pretty much summed up the state of the French National team quite rightly.
I think they need a better coach, someone who will pick the best players and not change half the team every week