Sunday, 26 October 2014


Well, I received an email yesterday informing me of how successful my official application for Rugby World Cup tickets had been.

The result?

Nothing, nada, zilch, nul points.

Admittedly I had focussed on England group matches at Twickenham, New Zealand at Wembley and the Final itself - all of which unsurprisingly were massively over-subscribed - but to get nothing at all is still pretty galling.

Apparently, however, all is not lost as, to show their appreciation for my support of the tournament, the ticketing committee are inviting me to be part of a priority sale when unsold tickets go on sale again in November. So I can look forward to bidding again for tickets to Tonga v Namibia at Sandy Park, Exeter. Whoopee-do.

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Nursedude said...

Hi Flanker, I feel your pain, as I got shut out on all 3 of mine: USA-Scotland, Wales-Fiji(no surprise there) and ITAlY-CANADA??? That last one makes no sense. It was amazing how many of these already expensive tickets were available on Stub Hub yesterday morning at even more inflated prices. After how easy it was to get tickets in France and New Zealand, I was really disheartened. My wife and I are still going to the UK, but it looks like we will be hanging out in pubs to watch the games while we are in Scotland, Liverpool and North Wales.