Saturday, 31 January 2015

That's ma boy!

Today was my first match as a proper, fully fledged rugby dad as I watched my son, TF Jnr, make his rugby debut for his school Year 7 (Under 12) team.

Along with several of his team mates this was TF Jnr's first proper, full contact match (previous experience having been limited to tag rugby), and the first match of the season for the team (rugby being played only in the 2nd term) - the weather having put paid to the last couple of weekends.

Selected as number 8 (YES!), he played the whole of what at times was a chaotic and shambolic affair (with the occasional outbreak of rugby) against bigger and more organised opposition, capping his performance by running three-quarters of the length of the pitch to touch down under the posts for his debut try. Proud doesn't even begin to describe how his old Dad felt…

Quality Street

I must say that Gary Street's recent decision to step down as head coach of the England Women's team was a bit of a surprise.

Having last year led England to a first World Cup title since 1994, it seems odd that Street would call it quits a couple of weeks before the Six Nations, especially given that he'd previously talked of trying to retain the world title in 2017.

If Street did just decide that he'd served his time and that it was time to go then fair enough - and I'm sure he leaves with the eternal gratitude of all fans of the women's game in England.

According to the RFU, however, the decision was mutual. Perhaps it's just me, but doesn't that just smell a little?