Thursday, 19 February 2015

Six Nations: Weekend 2 (belated) observations

ENGLAND: Often sloppy and complacent, occasionally ruthless and deadly. More of the latter please.

ITALY: The first international team to field an 18 stone outside half since Andy Goode donned the white shirt of England.

IRELAND: Superb performance from possibly the world's best 10 but still never really looked like crossing the whitewash. Nevertheless, very worried about Dublin.

FRANCE: Back in bleu, but can someone please explain what on earth has happened to French joie de vivre?

WALES: I'm now quite bored with Warrenball.

SCOTLAND: Blew it.

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BigJocktheLock said...

I have to correct you on your observations regarding Scotland - Scotland Blew it - again!!. We should be sat pretty on 4 points instead of languishing on zero - again!!, however if we do manage to cut out some of the mistakes and find a performance - Twickenham should be interesting....